I received endless praise for the beauty and elegance of the press release that Janet Steen wrote for my latest book. Great copy makes a world of difference. She seems to have invented a new category of connoisseurship: the art of the release!

—Marc-Anthony Hatsis, publisher, White Crosslet Publishing

Janet Steen looked at a story I'd been struggling with and offered guidance that helped me resolve some tricky narratival issues. I recommend her to anyone in need of an insightful and clear-eyed reader—she approaches the work with as much intelligence and sensitivity as any writer could ask for.

—Tony Antoniadis, fiction writer

When I started my second novel in 2005, I knew I needed an experienced and skilled editor to work with me on rewrites. Rebecca Wolff's reputation with Fence preceded her so it did not take me long to make a decision to engage Editrixie's service. Rebecca tackled my manuscript the way a veteran mechanic might go over an apprentice hot rod builder's initial attempt at assembling a car. She stripped it down, laid the parts out on the floor, walked me into the garage, handed me a set of instructions and said, "Now rebuild it." That sort of thorough examination of my writing, focusing on major plot and character flaws as well as minor problems, is just what I needed to improve my novel. I am looking forward to Rebecca and Editrixie helping me craft and edit a query package and manuscript that will grab agents' attention.

—Thor Jourgensen

I've always been interested in a poem's meat, smell, color, sound and had little patience for the particulars of grammar and spelling. My three books have been published by small presses using the manuscript as submitted, with suggestions on sequencing but pretty much as is. On this book, I gravitated towards the narrative which helped me understand the book's story, its flow from poem to poem. So I felt this collection was worthy of being "corrected" and wanted an expert to look it over for those exact details I tend to gloss over.

Like the English (101) cavalry, Editrixie arrived! I'd received their announcement, sent in the manuscript, with a publication deadline too, and they took just over a week. What was great is that they were able to correct my many grammatical, syntactical and spelling mistakes without interfering with the poem's voice. I also asked for sequencing advice (as I told them, "look under the hood while you're at it") and they came back with concise suggestions for adding another section to the book...which I followed, making the book much more of a final structure...at least to my eyes and fingers.

Finally, I feel very smart with myself...for deciding to step out of my own way and letting Editrixie complete the job. Now I can feel proud of this work and I know it'll have a life beyond my initial holler and scrawl. I also feel a bit more complete as a writer, and have learned to pay attention when a poem needs some extra TLC. Many thanks, Editrixie!

—Edwin Torres

Rebecca parsed and improved the dense prose of my book on social theory with great skill. She cleaned it of typos and grammatical errors, lessened its verbosity, and, best of all, helped clarify its argumentation. I highly recommend her services to academics.

—George Cavalletto

Joanna Yas is all an author could hope for in an editor. She is extremely skilled, sensitive, and a real writer at heart.

—Rachel Sherman, author of THE FIRST HURT

Joanna Yas edited my novel at a point where I was at a loss about what to do with it next. She gave me invaluable advice on structure and tone, as well as where the book needed cutting and expanding—and did so with great sensitivity and vigor. Bravo, Editrixie.

—Betsy Berne, author of BAD TIMING

As an editor, Joanna Yas has the perfect balance of acumen and sensitivity to the meaning of the work. Her editing skills are matched only by the much more rare trait of knowing when and when not to exercise her skills. There are many people called editors in this world; there are very few editors. Joanna is among the very few.

—Nick Tosches