Editrixie is an editorial-services group that includes Janet Steen, Rebecca Wolff, Joanna Yas, and Barbara Spindel, four skilled writers and editors who have years of experience in the literary and commercial publishing worlds of New York City and beyond. Between the four of us, we've gone to the best graduate writing programs in the country, worked at top magazines, founded our own magazines and presses, taught writing courses and publishing seminars, commissioned books, published books, and edited both fledgling and world-famous writers. We bring our collective experience to guiding you toward the best choices with your writing. We can help you polish your text—be it fiction, nonfiction, poetry, a book proposal, business copy, a cover letter, marketing materials—and target the most appropriate magazines, book publishers, agents, and editors with your finished product. No job is too small, or too large, and because there are four of us, we are always available. We're approachable, patient, and savvy.

Editrixie serves individuals and the publishing industry.

We offer:

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